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About Us

Zen Holidays is one of the leading registered Tour Operating Company specialized in tailor-made as well as fixed departure tours for Groups and Independent Travelers worldwide.

To give each client most inspiring experience of a life time, we have a very diverse passionate team who design each tour with care, creativity, deep rooted professionalism, research and knowledge.

To bring an extra personal touch to overall services, we at Zen focus on long lasting relationship and satisfaction of our clients where every department works independently to provide the best Pre-Tour to Post-Tour services.

To face the challenges of the modern tourism industry worldwide we keep ourselves updated with current trends through our continuous quality research thus keep adapting destination resources to the evolving needs of the market to ensure our long term success.


Our mission is to deliver access to all corners of the world in peerless comfort and unique style, with great expertise and no compromise on value.


  • To enable our clients connect to the world at extraordinary level with tailor-made tours.
  • To maintain high professionalism and high quality services with great personal touch.
  • To adapt to changing needs of modern tourism and become company of choice for the small, medium and large sectors (through satisfying specialized requirements).


“Not The Regular Travel Agents” – these five words are our hallmark at Zen Holidays, for us our clients are our family and we travel with you personally, taking you to all corners of the world, making sure everything goes perfectly and smoothly.

This is what makes us company of choice for many to travel locally and internationally!



We are extremely proud of our amazing journey so far and the future looks even more promising, with our plans for growth fully underway.

International Group Tours

  • March (2013) Turkey.
  • December (2013) South Africa.
  • February (2015) Australia.
  • November (2015) South Africa.
  • March (2016) India.
  • March (2016) Dubai.
  • March (2016) Mauritius.
  • August (2016) Russia.
  • November (2016) South Africa.
  • December (2016) Lebanon.
  • March (2017) Jordan.
  • March (2017) Lebanon.
  • July (2017) Russia.
  • July (2017) Turkey.
  • November (2017) Dubai.
  • December (2017) Lebanon.
  • January (2018) Vietnam.
  • January (2018) Cambodia.
  • March (2018) Morocco.
  • April (2018) Turkey.
  • May (2018) Azerbaijan.
  • May (2018) Uzbekistan.
  • August (2018) Russia.
  • September (2018) Azerbaijan.
  • November (2018) South Africa.

Domestic Group Tours

  • June (2012) Fairy Meadows.
  • October (2012) Hunza.
  • June (2013) Skardu.
  • July (2013) fairy Meadows.
  • June (2014) Neelum Valley.
  • July (2014) Skardu.
  • April (2015) Chitral.
  • June (2015) Fairy Meadows.
  • July (2015) Hunza.
  • August (2015) Fairy Meadows.
  • September (2015) Skardu.
  • June (2016) Hunza.
  • August (2016) Hunza.
  • September (2016) Neelum Valley.
  • September (2017) Chitral.
  • August (2018) Hunza.


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We invite you to take advantage of our services and go with us on the journey of lifetime experiences!